Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tupperware eLeaflet Clearance (3 - 23 Nov)


Based on my experience, pembelian any Tupperware products from eleaflet memang berbaloi-baloi2. All products are on sale, minimum from 15% and up to 40%..

so cik2 / puan2, yg memang ada allocation utk membeli Tupperware boleh aim utk beli products dr eleaflet. nama pun 'e' leaflet ni mmg takde printout punyer from the company. so boleh print sendiri or certain branch outlet ada offer for printout (with charge) atau view je online..

sesiapa nak request for Tupperware hamper pun boleh..  ;)

so tanpa panjang lebar lg sy nak lampirkanlah clearance for this month's eleaflet. first come, first serve..since harganya murah, maka stock nye pun tak guarantee ada ke tiada ...Hurry, make a choice !!

sebarang pertanyaan boleh terus bg feedback pd sy samada pd blog ni / fb: Azrina Tupperware / wassap-sms: 0132123611

Pricing list without postage

  1. Set A = RM112 (1.3 L, 880 ml & 500 ml)
  2. Set B = RM69 ( 1.3 L & 500 ml)
  3. Set C = RM43 (880 ml)
  4. Set D = RM74 (5.5 L)
  5. Set E = RM32 (960 ml)
  6. Set F = RM46 (600 ml & 1.3 l)
  7. Set G = RM105 (5.1L, 3.1 L, 2.3 L & 290 ml) 

nak compare prices, boleh view the eleaflet here..

Daa..Take care ;)

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